The three pictures shown here, left to right, represent the areas of service to the nation, community fire, community police and Emergency services for whom we are trying to “honor and educate.”

The veterans & Emergency Services Museum  strives to educate visitors on the services provided to our nation and communities by our service men and women, law enforcement, and other first responders.

We are incorporated under IRS rule 501(C)(3).
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Depicted above is Major Fred Hargeschiemer

Dr. George P. Sayre

Three policemen are helping an accident victim as the first responders at the accident site.

We Plan to create a Bronze Statue representing this picture of a grandfather teaching his grandchild about the service men and women, community Police, community firemen, and community EMT's provide.

Shown above are Emergency Responders from Rochester, MN loading an accident Patient into  a Mayo Clinic hellicopter.

Veterans & Emergency Services Museum

The goal of the Veterans & Emergency Services Museum is to honor those who keep us safe, both at home and abroad. This includes military service personnel, both active and retired, and those working in the areas of fire protection, law enforcement (police and sheriff), and emergency medical responders.

Shown on the right is our temporary home in the Hilton Hotel in Rochester, Minnesota. Enter on the street level and proceed just past the registration desk. 

Sergeant Reckless

The image on the left is of Sergeant Reckless, a Korean War horse that served valiantly. We have arranged to have the picture expanded in size in order to have it used as the background to one of the displays. CLICK THE BUTTON below to read the full Sergeant Reckless story as told by Wikipedia.  

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